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      What orphans need
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    Our volunteers from
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    ORPHANS: "When you
    reap your harvest in your
    field, and forget a sheaf in
    the field, you shall not go
    back to get it; it shall be
    for the stranger, the
    fatherless, and the widow,
    that the LORD your God
    may bless you in all the
    work of your hands."  We
    pray today that God will
    bless abundantly all those
    who are giving a portion
    of their income to help
    orphans, widows,

    LAUNCHED.  A bounty of
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  • Are you considering
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    The U.S. government
    (State Department)
    publishes information
    each year on the number
    of adoptions, cost of
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    international adoptions.  
    You can view State
    Department adoption
    report here.

Above: summer church camp for Russian orphans.  Many of
the children who participate in Big Family programs decide to
trust Jesus Christ as their personal savior.
Learn how you can
help with Russian orphan camps.
    Our goal:  bring Russian orphans into families
        Through the grace of God and with great thanks to
    our faithful partners, Big Family Mission has been
    ministering to Russian orphans for more than 10 years.
        Although we have "big" in our name, our ministry is
    not a big organization.  We have no paid employees in
    the United States (all work is done by volunteers) and
    one part-time employee in Russia.
        In Russia, we work through volunteers from churches
    and other orphan ministries to bring the Light and Love
    of Jesus to children who would otherwise never know
    about their heavenly Father.
        Many existing orphan ministries in Russia do not
    have the financial resources to help children.  Big
    Family Mission partners with these orphan ministries,
    encouraging them with prayers and financial assistance.
        Because our ministry to orphans is relatively small
    and works through volunteers, we are able to send
    100% of donated funds into the mission field to
    directly help orphans and orphanages.
        At Big Family Mission, we are big fans of child
    sponsorship programs.  We believe that such programs
    are a blessing to the children as well as to those who
    sponsor children.
        It is not easy or simple to have a child sponsorship
    program in Russia, because children are often
    shuffled around between and among orphanages.  
    It is not unusual for a child to be in an orphanage, then
    go to live with an aunt or grandmother, and then have to
    come back to an orphanage.  The orphanages we
    work with in Russia are run by the government, so
    we have no control over where the children go.  We are
    also dependent on government employees in Russia to
    get information about the orphans, so at times, getting
    updates can be difficult.
        In recent years, we have encouraged our partners to
    help support an entire orphanage with prayers and
    gifts.  If sponsors wish, we can give them photos of one
    or two of the children and they can have a special
    child... but always understanding that we give
    assistance, hugs, ministry, and special treats to all the
    children in the orphanage... not just sponsored children.
        God called us to work with Russian orphans, and our
    ministry today still focuses on ministry in Russia and
    Eastern European countries.  
     We are organized as a mission society outreach to
    orphans.  The ministry started through the local church
    of our founders, but now partners with churches and
    Christians throughout the United States... and even
    around the world.  Big Family Mission derives its 501(c)
    (3) status through its organization as a mission society,
    which is what the Internal Revenue Service terms "an
    integrated auxiliary" ministry of the church.  Although we
    are under the spiritual umbrella of the church, Big
    Family Mission has its own Board of Directors and
    functions completely independently from a governance
        On our website, we include information about Big
    Family, but we also encourage involvement with
    other ministries which help orphans get into
        Some of our ministry friends and partners:
  • Help for Children, St. Petersburg, Russia:  regular
    visits and help for orphans in a number of orphanages
    in the rural regions around St. Petersburg.
  • Grace Center, St. Petersburg:  Transition help for
    orphanage graduates and assistance for unwed
    mothers to keep their babies.
  • Kommunar Word of Faith Church (about 45 minutes
    from St. Petersburg): our very first partner church in
    Russia.  Support for foster families and orphan ministry.
  • Gatchina New Generation Church (south of St.
    Petersburg):  volunteers minister to orphans at
    Gatchina and Tomalchevo orphanages.
  • Alliance "Russia without Orphans":  Big Family
    provided seed funds to encourage this Alliance of
    churches and ministries who have the goal of getting
    Russian orphans adopted in Russia.
  • Behind the Walls, Kaluga, Russia:  David Ford (from
    USA) and Igor Klishchenko (from Russia) minister to
    children in orphanages and summer camps.
  • Steven Bishop and family:  missionaries to Russian
    orphans from Australia.
  • Churches in Belarus:  ministry to several hundred
    orphans, many older orphans with disabilities.
  • Helping Hands India:  four orphanages in southern
    India, ministry to widows, pastor training and equipping.
  • Strategic Angel Care for Orphans:  short-term
    mission trips to visit orphans in Russia and other
    Eastern European countries.
  • Open Hearts and Homes for Children:  hosting
    program for orphans from Eastern Europe.  Orphans
    come to USA to spend 4 weeks with Christian families.  
    Programs at Christmas and in the summer.  Many
    orphans adopted.  Operates primarily in northeast and
    along Eastern Coast.
  • New Horizons for Children:  Big Family Mission
    started the "northeastern branch" of the NHFC orphan
    hosting program.  Orphans come to USA to spend 4
    weeks with Christian families at Christmas and in
    summer.  Many orphans adopted.  Operates throughout
  • Stoneworks International:  Ministry focused on
    bringing young people into God's Kingdom, with focus
    on Russia and Belarus.
  • Christian Alliance for Orphans:  Through our home
    church, Lighthouse Community Church, we are
    members of the Alliance.
  • Other churches:  We are blessed that several
    churches have opened their doors to working with us,
    including three Russian churches in the USA and one in
    Germany.  It gives us great joy to work with our brothers
    and sisters in the Lord from around the world!