Host a Latvian or Ukrainian orphan summer 2014

Provide an orphan with the adventure of a lifetime!
    Big Family Mission is once again partnering with Christian orphan hosting
    programs and other churches and ministries to conduct a hosting program for
    orphans for summer of 2014. This is not an adoption program, but many of the
    children who come to the United States can be and will be adopted by families
    they meet during the 4-5 week hosting program.

    Quick facts about the hosting program:

  • Latvian and Ukrainian orphans, ages 5 years to 15, will be coming to live with
    host families for 4-5 weeks, at the end of June, exact dates to be announced.  
  • Hosting husband and wife must be of the Christian faith and attending a
    church.  (Single mothers may also host.)
  • Host families contribute or fund raise to cover the costs for the orphan's trip.
  • Children who are participating in the summer program have been identified and
    their photos and brief bios are available online.  If you would like to view the
    photos and information, we ask that you complete the form (above, right).
  • If you wish to host a child this summer, you must make a commitment to host by
    early May.

    This hosting program allows an orphan to come to the United States and have
    the wonderful experience of living with a Christian family or individual.  Although
    adoption is not the objective of the program, many of the children are eventually
    adopted by either the host family or other families who meet them during their

    U.S. host families provide these orphan children with an intimate view into what
    a Christian family is like by having them stay in their home for five weeks.  Many
    of these children have never had a positive family experience.  They get a first
    hand glimpse of what healthy relationships can be!  Some of these children
    have never experienced love in a healthy manner or been able to show
    affection.  They also learn about hygiene, American culture, and they're
    immersed in the English language!  Their lives can be impacted greatly by their
    time in the USA…and in your family.

    Orphans usually feel left out, left behind and unworthy. Their self esteem is
    often so low because they have been labeled in their home city by peers as
    "orphan". After coming to the U.S. for four weeks, most children learn as much
    English as they would typically learn in 4-5 semesters if taught in their school.
    This gives the children pride in themselves and helps boost their self esteem
    tremendously!   Receiving unconditional love and nurturing and being treated
    as a member of their host family (who will usually maintain contact even after
    the child returns to their orphanage) gives them hope!

    The orphans learn they do have a Father, the same Father in Heaven that we
    all have:  a Father who loves us dearly, who is always with us, and who always
    cares for us.

    For more information on the hosting program, please complete the form above.

    Thank you!
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    Here’s how you can help with the hosting

  • Consider hosting a child (complete the
    form above for more information);
  • Ask your home church to consider helping
    a family host a child as a mission project;
  • Consider hosting  a chaperone who will
    accompany the children;
  • Help spread the word about the hosting
    program through your friends and your
  • Consider giving a financial donation to help
    a family who would like to host;
  • And most important of all:  pray fervently
    for the children and families who will
    participate in the orphan hosting program.

    If you cannot host, but would like to get
    involved with helping Russian orphans,
    please visit Big Family's website: