Russian orphans: child sponsorship that is different
        Save the life of a Russian orphan!  3 million Russian orphans face a future of drugs,
    alcohol, prison, prostitution, early death.  Rescue an orphan!   Our volunteers in
    Russia provide the arms and legs of Big Family's ministry to orphans.  Churches in
    Russia are contributing part of the expenses, but you can help by partnering with one
    of our volunteer teams.
        Our child sponsorship program for Russia is different from most child
    sponsorship programs.  Unfortunately, because the orphans in our child sponsorship
    program are in government-run facilities, we have little or no control over
    communication with the children.  Children are often moved from one orphanage to
    another, and we no longer have access to information about the child.  The directors of
    orphanages (government employees) can change overnight, and our volunteers may
    no longer be allowed to visit children at the orphanage.
        Because of the difficult nature of having a child sponsorship program in Russia, we
    now emphasize that our child sponsors are actually helping an entire orphanage.  We
    can still provide photos of an individual child to receive letters and prayers, but we ask
    our sponsors to be aware that we could very easily lose contact with the child because
    of circumstances beyond our control.  We treat all orphans at each orphanage the
    same, providing the same love, hugs, and care for orphans who have and do not have
         Most of the larger child sponsorship programs do not attempt to work in
    Russia because of the difficult and complicated infrastructure.  In most child
    sponsorship programs around the world, many of the children have families and some
    form of contact with a church.  For most of the children in our Russian child
    sponsorship program, our ministers and church volunteers are the only adults the
    children know outside the orphanage.
        Our teams work mainly with older orphans, who will have little opportunity to be
    adopted.  We are not allowed to "preach" in orphanages, but volunteers are able to talk
    about God in day-to-day conversations.  Also, we have been allowed to hold Christmas
    and Easter celebrations in orphanages, and talk about the true meaning of these
    special days.
        For those who wish to join with us as a child sponsor, we ask that you consider a
    monthly donation of $15.  Sponsors can join with us by donating as little as $5
    per month on a regular basis.   Sponsors can donate online or through the mail.  
    You will receive regular updates on the ministry of your sponsored volunteer team, and
    may communicate with the team about their work with the children.
       All contributions go to Russia to help rescue orphans.  All administrative and travel
    expenses for Big Family Mission are paid for by special donations.  This allows us to
    send 100% of donated funds for child sponsorship to Russia.  Work is done by
    Christian  volunteers.  A few examples of how Big Family helps orphans:

  • "Life celebrations" (birthday parties);
  • Christmas gifts for the children;
  • Socks, shoes, underwear for children;
  • Beds, sheets, pillows;
  • Fruit for the children;
  • Eye glasses for children;
  • Special treats
  • Lots of hugs!
  • One-on-one counseling and friendship
       What's next? How can you help?