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Will you join with us in our mission to rescue orphans?
    In the next few seconds, you can make a decision that will impact the life of a Russian
    orphan forever.

    If you will love and pray for the orphan children of Russia, please complete the form below.

    The current situation with orphans in Russia is such a huge problem that only God can get the job
    done, so we ask you and your church to join us in praying for Russia orphans.

    Big Family Mission is organized as a mission society.  We partner with individuals and churches of
    many different denominations.  

    Please complete this form to let us know that you will join with us in praying for a God-
    sized answer to provide home and family for every Russian orphan.   We will add you to
    our newsletter mailing list.

    Your response today to let us know you will unite with us in prayer will be a great
    encouragement to our volunteers in the U.S. and in Russia!  Thank you!
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