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Some of current BIG FAMILY projects...

Orphanage at “internat” school near St. Petersburg Russia

This orphanage is home to about 35 children ranging in age from 5 to 16.  Most of the
children are “social orphans”.  An internat is a special kind of school that has classes during
the day for children, and some of the students spend their nights at the school orphanage.  
Some of the children are allowed to spend some weekends with a relative.  This was our first
project in Russia, and we continue to work with and love the children there.  The local church
has very good ties with the school, and we have a good network of volunteers who help us
carry out the ministry of BIG FAMILY.  

Orphanage at “internat” 3 hours south of St. Petersburg

Big Family has been ministering to the orphans at this school for over two years.   As in most
of the internat orphanages in Russia, the children range in age from 6 to 16.  Living
conditions at our first project orphanage in Russia were dismal, but this orphanage has even
fewer resources, and even food is sometimes in short supply.  Again with this project, we work
through volunteers in the local church.  

Christian foster home east of St. Petersburg

This foster home was recently started by a young Christian couple who have become foster
parents for two teen-age sisters and a teen-age boy who were living at the town's internat
orphanage.  This new foster home is already becoming a favorite place to visit among the
children at the orphanage.  There are many other children in this town who need foster
parents.  We pray that this couple's act of love will provide a model for the community.  Big
Family Mission is providing a large percentage of the funds required to start this new family.

Christian foster home near St. Petersburg, Russia

BIG FAMILY has joined with other Christians in Europe and in the United States who are
supporting this beautiful example of Christ’s love for children.  A pastor and his wife, along
with volunteers from their church, are providing a foster home for 15 children who would
otherwise be street children.  As a matter of fact, most of the foster children were street
children before they became a part of this very special Big Family.  We wish that every
Christian in America could have the opportunity to visit with this wonderful family!  Although
their resources are very limited and they live in tight quarters, the joy of the Lord is present
throughout their home.  And the children are so happy to be a part of a BIG FAMILY!

Other orphanages in the St. Petersburg, Russia, area

Through our network of friends in Russia, we have identified other churches that have very
active ministries to orphan children.  BIG FAMILY has provided contributions to these
churches to help with their orphan ministries.  It is somewhat amazing how the doors of the
orphanages are open to receiving help from churches.  One of the orphanages has allowed
the youth group of the church to meet in its building!  Remember that these are Russian state
orphanages, not Christian orphanages.  Our dream is that we someday will have enough
“Family Friends” to reach out to all the orphans in Russia.  But we must do this one child at a
time, so we ask if you will help us reach our dream of a really BIG FAMILY?  Please consider
joining Big Family Mission.
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